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                Rope Access Services

                Green Smart: Professional Rope Access Window Cleaning
                Company in Dubai

                We are one of the leading rope access companies in UAE having wide customer base.

                We focus on providing unmatchable rope access services to our valued customers in their maintenance & civil works such as painting, blasting; And Pressure washing, External High rise Building window Cleaning and facade glass cleaning services.

                Our objectives – Meeting customer requirements, delivering services on time and providing high quality services within the budget.

                We maintain the highest record of following safety standards. We have undertaken all our works without risking the lives of the workers, who are well trained to meet any adverse conditions.

                Part of Green Smart Team, while Morning Safety Brief

                If You Have a Business That Requires

                • High Rise Window Cleaning

                  High Rise Window Cleaning

                • Pressure Washing

                  Pressure Washing

                • Industrial Repair Works

                  Industrial Repair Works

                • Facade Cleaning

                  Facade Cleaning

                • Painting & Civil Works

                  Painting & Civil Works

                • High rise Commercial Inspection

                  High rise Commercial Inspection

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                +971 4 2528702

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                +971 56 319 2600

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                Why Choose Us

                Served over 1250+ customers

                The work is done by professionals and experienced technicians

                We’ll find solutions to places that are difficult to access.

                Inexpensive and high-quality

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