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                Rope Access Industrial cleaning

                Green Smart Technical, as a leading name in providing rope access related industrial services in Dubai, has been consistent in providing quality maintenance and repair works with the help of well-equipped and highly skilled workforce who can reach any dangerous, inhospitable or inaccessible heights or portions of buildings to perform quality operations.

                We give highest priority in maintaining world-class safety standards for our customers and also to our talented workers. As it has been proved beyond doubts that industrial rope access is the fastest and safest access system when compared to other traditional climbing procedures, we ensure that our customers get quality works in shortest time with best price.

                Industrial maintenance services – Using Rope Access

                We take pride in offering complete integrated package which includes preliminary field study, inspection, suggesting best suitable method for maintenance or repair works and executing the approved service using the best tool and service crew. Our highly disciplined and experienced service engineers are versatile and multi-faceted who are capable of performing quality works at any type of work environment or at any altitude. We have IRATA service personnel who can offer you customized but optimized services for your buildings.

                Rope Access services is suitable for all industries and all types of buildings and we offer unique solutions for every building we operate for maintenance or masonry service. Some time we also combine the conventional access system with modern rope access to provide the best possible solution with integrated approach as part of our multi-service packages.

                Our rope access services include:

                • Silo Maintenance
                • Rigging
                • Structural Repairs
                • Bolting
                • Welding at Height
                • Core Drilling
                • Industrial Coatings
                • Specialist Netting Platforms

                Our rope access brigade provides full support to your needs to ensure safety, transparency and reliability in our operational services. We do take up Total Quality Assurance solutions where ever high altitude access is warranted.

                Our aim is to provide safe, efficient, high standard rope access service which can increase customers’ confidence that their buildings are under safe hands who can perform as per global standards. All our rope access services are cost-effective and flexible.